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Ultrasonic Scaler Permit

*Dental Board Approved

Ultrasonic Scaler Permit: $280.00

This course IS a requirement as part of the Orthodontic Permit/OAP

To take this course, you must possess a valid RDA license or you must possess the necessary requirements for application for the RDA or the OAP licensure or have an RDA/OA diploma and have a valid CPR/BLS certification from AHA or ARC.

Course Content and Format:
This Dental Board approved course satisfies the requirement for certification of the OAP
and the RDA in the use of the ultrasonic scaler for the removal of cement from the
supragingival surface of teeth that have orthodontic bands. This course offers a
comprehensive lecture and Laboratory practice on a manikin and requires clinical
practice using, the Ultrasonic Scaler by the RDA or OAP to remove excess cement from
the coronal surfaces of teeth in the orthodontic setting. Students are required to pass
both a written and clinical examination, which is performed on a manikin.
No clinical patients are required for this course. Students must bring their own PPE and
come dressed in scrubs; all other course supplies are provided.
Final written and laboratory examination will be administered at the end of the course.

Course Description:
The course is a blended class; that consists of Online / Home Study and Classroom / Lab

(home study) Students will learn theoretical aspects relating to the ultrasonic scaler for orthodontic bands cement removal.

Students-will learn, step-by-step procedures for ultrasonic scaling of ortho bands cement removal through laboratory experience with a typodont/manikin.

8 CE Unit

Schedule 2023

Course # Date Location Details
US1 April 2 Madera Sunday
US2 April 22 Newhall Saturday
US3 May 21 Madera Sunday
US4 May 27 San Luis Obispo Saturday
US5 July 9 Madera Sunday
US6 July 15 Newhall Saturday
US7 August 12 San Luis Obispo Saturday
US8 August 27 Newhall Sunday
US9 October 8 Madera Sunday
US10 October 28 San Luis Obispo Saturday
US11 December 3 Madera Sunday

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If a situation arises, requiring you to cancel a class, the student must notify the office at least 5 business days prior to the start date of the class. All cancellations made within this timeframe will receive a refund of the amount paid, minus a $100 cancellation fee. All material shipped to the student must be returned to the office within 7 days of cancellation to initiate the refund process. If the cancellation is made with less than 5 business days’ notice, or a student is a No-Show, no refunds will be issued. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the office has been properly notified in a timely manner. All home study materials are a final sale. No refund can be issued once the item has shipped to the student. Thank you for your cooperation.

If the original certificate is lost or misplaced, the student must submit a written request and must be notarized by the notary public.
A fee of $25 will be charged for each duplicate copy of each certificate that is lost or misplaced.
For 8 hour Infection Control and 2 hour Dental Practice Act certificates, if the certificate is more than 5 years old, the student will need to retake the entire course again.


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