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RDA Written Review / Law & Ethics Classes, Written Home Study

*Dental Board Approved


Class is from 8:00am to 4:00pm

Dental Advantage provides a one-day review class for the State Board Written Exam. Leading the class are caring instructors with over 25 years experience. This instructional course will include a combination of lecture, video, powerpoint and interactive presentations. A study guide and sample test questions will be included.

The Written Review Class is on Saturday and Law and Ethics is on Sunday---- Both Classes are from 8:00am to 4:00pm

If you prefer to study for your RDA written examination in the comfort of your own home and save money on gas, we offer our written home study review / Law & Ethics manual with sample questions.
Fee: $150.00 - Written Home Study / With Law & Ethics Packet


If you are unable to come to one of our classes, we can customize a class for you and your co-workers in the comfort of your office. the only thing you will need is a minimum of 5 people, location and a date. Please call the office for more details at: (209) 358-0707 or my cell: (559) 392-0909

Schedule 2020

Course # Date Location Details
WR 1 Jan 11 Santa Clarita Saturday
WR 2 Jan 19 Modesto Sunday
WR 3 Feb 15 South El Monte Saturday
WR 4 Feb 21 San Jose Friday
WR 5 Mar 7 Santa Clarita Saturday
WR 6 Mar 21 Fresno Saturday
WR 7 Mar 21 Santa Rosa Saturday
WR 7.5 Apr 3 San Jose Friday
WR 8 Apr 11 Santa Clarita Saturday
WR 9 May 16 Santa Rosa Saturday
WR 10 May 24 Modesto Sunday
WR 11 Jun 19 San Jose Friday
WR 12 Jun 20 Riverside Saturday
WR 13 Jul 18 Santa Clarita Saturday
WR 14 Jul 26 Fresno Sunday
WR 15 Aug 9 Riverside Sunday
WR 16 Aug 16 Santa Rosa Sunday
WR 17 Sep 19 Santa Clarita Saturday
WR 18 Oct 4 Fresno Sunday
WR 19 Oct 10 Santa Rosa Saturday
WR 20 Oct 23 San Jose Friday
WR 21 Nov 8 Santa Clarita Sunday
WR 22 Nov 14 Modesto Saturday
WR 23 Nov 21 South El Monte Saturday

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Any cancellation of a class or services with at least 10 days notice will receive a refund of the amount paid minus processing fees and shipping.

Any cancellation of a class or services with 5 to 10 days notice will receive a refund of the amount paid minus processing fees and shipping or minus 50%, whichever is greater.

Any cancellation of a class or services with less than 5 days notice will forfeit all of the amount paid.

Any possibility of rescheduling for a different time at Dental Advantage's discretion, but if allowed a cancellation afterward may forfeit ALL or PART of the amount paid depending on the number of days notice before the class and the reason for the request to change to a class to a different date/location.


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